Tips on Getting More Loyal Clients in Your Vet Practice


New veterinary practices are opening every time. The rise in competition for clients is why you should provide the best services. Most vet businesses lose up to some of their clients every year. Also, some clients will not return after their first visit. Retaining clients and making them loyal to your vet clinic is not easy. However, there are ways you can increase the number of loyal clients in your practice.

Get Rid of Wait Times

Most pet owners will choose not to return due to excessive wait times. Before the clients come for their appointment, they have likely made phone calls or sent emails. Thus, the clients will not wish to wait in the lobby until the staff is ready for them. That can be frustrating, especially when their pet is sick. The best thing to do is to reduce the wait times. Make use of online booking technology. That way, your client can come to you during the times you are free to see them. You should also get any information you need online before their appointment.

Better Communication

Analyse how long it takes for your staff to respond to emails, appointment requests and calls. Customers expect you to respond when they reach out immediately. Other clinics may take days to get back to their customers. During that time, the client may have already reached out to other vet practices. That is mostly the case when a new pet owner is trying to decide on the clinic they prefer. 

Additionally, take your time building relationships with the clients during their appointments. Ensure you follow up with the pet owner after their visit. That goes a long way in retaining your customer base. 

Increase Practice Hours

It can be frustrating when a customer tries to reach you after your vet clinic closes and there is no response. Sometimes clients may not manage to contact you during your business hours. You will likely lose clients when you are only available for a few hours in the day. Have an open communication line for pet owners to book appointments even after you close. That way, you will not lose another client because they can schedule a pet visit at their convenience.

The methods listed in the article will help increase the number of loyal clients in your veterinary clinic. Thus, you will get more revenue. Retaining your clients is vital in the increasingly competitive vet industry. Offer your clients resources that will make them happy and ensure loyalty. Talk to other veterinarians about this and other issues for more information. 


12 March 2020

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