Three Reccomendations For Keeping Your Cat and House Clean.


Cats can bring joy into their owners' lives, but they also can bring a lot of mess. Cats are notorious for shedding their fur, coughing up hairballs, and generally getting their furry mess littered throughout the house. While it is inevitable that owners will have to engage in frequent cleaning and vacuuming, there are a number of activities and options owners can engage in to reduce the workload or to attempt to eliminate the fur problem outright. Below are three recommendations towards keeping your cat clean and your house as well.


Bathing a cat most of the time is an incredibly stressful experience both for the owner and the cat in question. Cats are notorious for hating anything remotely to do with water, and as such bathing can even create the possibility for minor injuries afflicted upon the owner. Luckily, cats are great self-cleaners, and as such do not require regular bathing. However, a bath may be occasionally necessary if your kitty has had a particularly messy play outside or cats with longer fur who may have more difficulties in cleaning themselves. Cats can be cleaned in the bath, shower, or sink, and some sort of rubber mat should be placed underneath to prevent the cat from slipping and fleeing.

A great option for bathing cats is to get a shower bag, which one can put over the cat, and bathe the cat while wearing it. This will prevent water from getting into the cats' ears and eyes and will allow for a much more streamlined process.

It is recommended to clean cats with a cat shampoo, and owners should consult their feline's veterinarian for recommendations and assistance.

Regular Grooming

Grooming is a much easier process to conduct with your cat, and most cats like the sensation of being brushed. Grooming is recommended to keep your cat clean, but also to keep your property clean. Regular grooming can reduce the amount of dust and dirt inside your feline friend's fur and can also shed away excess fur that would otherwise enter the atmosphere of your property. Regular grooming can also promote the production of essential oils that cats need for healthy fur and skin.

Air Filters

Air filters are a great way to supplement regular grooming and house-cleaning to prevent excess fur being strewn across the property. Air filters can be a little pricey initially but can provide a huge boost in quality of life. Consider looking at purchasing air filters if your cat is still shedding too much fur even with frequent grooming and cleaning.


17 March 2020

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