Four reasons for using a dog grooming service


Regular grooming is important for both the appearance and health of your dog. You may feel it's something you can do yourself, but in fact, there are good reasons for taking your dog to a professional groomer.

Tools and equipment

Firstly, a professional dog groomer will use equipment that has been designed especially for animals. For example, they will have special dog nail clippers. You may think it is safe to use your own clippers or scissors, but there is a danger that you will cut too far and damage the quick. A professional groomer is unlikely to do so as the clippers can be set to a particular length. They will also use shampoos and conditioners that are designed for dogs, as human products may produce an allergic reaction in dogs, which can damage their coat and irritate their skin.

Knowledge and experience

Secondly, a professional groomer will know exactly what they're doing. Different breeds will require different care, and some specialist breeds will require a lot of time, patience and knowledge to groom properly. The groomer will also know how to avoid causing injury or discomfort to your pet, and how to deal with tangles and mats which can otherwise be painful.

Health knowledge

Perhaps most importantly, a professional dog groomer will know what health issues to look for. They can recognise a variety of skin conditions that you may not notice yourself, and they will also notice if your dog has picked up fleas or ticks, or has a more serious health problem such as a lump. The sooner these issues are found, the easier they will be to treat, and your groomer will be able to tell you if your dog needs a vet or if it can be treated at home.

Ability to handle dogs

Finally, a dog groomer will know how to handle all kinds of dogs. A dog can very quickly become scared of being groomed if it has a bad experience, and can easily react badly just at the sight of a pair of clippers. A professional groomer will know how to calm a dog down and keep it still for treatment and will also not be taken by surprise if the dog moves suddenly, which could otherwise cause an injury.

A professional dog groomer will ensure that your pet has a relaxed and enjoyable experience and is groomed safely and professionally.

To learn more, get in touch with a local pet grooming service.


27 November 2020

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