What to Do When You're Struggling with Puppy Training


Having a puppy can be a fun and rewarding experience, but puppies also need a lot of training. When training isn't going right, it can be extremely frustrating, as well as making you feel demotivated. This guide explains three things you should try when you're struggling with puppy training.

Take a Look At Your Training Methods

If you feel like you aren't getting anywhere with your puppy training, it's time to take a look at your methods. You can find information online and in books about every aspect of puppy training, from toilet training to recall training to learning to walk well on a lead. Look closely at the advice and think about your training, and try to figure out what isn't connecting for your dog. For example, calling your dog and telling them off or putting them back on the lead can cause an unpleasant association with being called, meaning that recall training goes less successfully. This is a very simple thing to change and could make all the difference to your training.

Ask Your Vet for Advice

Your vet will have treated many puppies and talked to their owners about training. This means that your vet is an invaluable source of advice. Speak to them honestly about your concerns, explain what you've already tried, and take their advice seriously. They will also be able to check for any physical issues that could affect successful puppy training, such as problems with your puppy's sight or hearing. Finally, your vet or vet receptionist will be able to connect you to other resources in your community, such as specialist puppy classes or professional trainers.

Find Puppy Classes in Your Area

Puppy classes are a great way to accelerate and improve your puppy changing routine. They help to teach skills like recall in a group setting, as well as getting your puppy used to being around a range of other dogs, which will also help with their socialisation training. Plus, you'll meet other puppy owners in your area, allowing you to swap training tips, chat about your experiences, and set up puppy play dates. Search online or ask your vet for information about classes in your area, then get in touch to find out what's involved.

By going back to basics and taking a close look at your methods, asking your vet for advice and resources, and going to puppy training classes, you can give your training a boost and feel like you're making real progress with your puppy.


18 November 2021

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