4 Reasons Socialization Is Important For Puppies


When you're ready to give a puppy its forever home, one of the most important things you can do is ensure they are properly socialized, usually through a local puppy pre-school. Socialization involves introducing your dog to new people, environments and animals, and it's one of the key experiences that help a young pup turn into a confident, friendly and healthy dog.

Here are just four reasons you should ensure your puppy is properly socialized.

1. Prevents Fear Of New Things

Above all, a well-socialized dog is one who is capable of handling new experiences without suffering from stress or anxiety. One common issue with poorly socialized dogs is the fear of meeting new people and visiting new places. This can make it tough to have people around your own home and can prevent you and your dog from properly enjoying fresh new adventures — everything from taking on a new hiking trail to sitting in a dog-friendly restaurant can become an issue. You'll also have to think about things you can't control, such as unexpected sights and sounds. Both can be very unpleasant for poorly socialized dogs.

2. Makes Things Easier For Vets And Groomers

That fear of new people can obviously make it tough for vets and groomers to properly treat your dog, but there's another issue these professionals face when dealing with poorly socialized dogs. Such dogs will often not be used to being handled or touched. Whether a vet needs to inspect parts of their body or a groomer needs to clip their nails, any issues with being handled can present a real problem.

3. Reduces The Risk Of Problem Behaviour

Dogs who haven't been properly socialized often act defensively to a perceived threat, which can mean performing displays of aggression towards people or other dogs. Some may even bite if they feel threatened. While less serious, other problematic behaviours associated with poor socialization range from excessive barking to indoor urination and defecation.

4. Helps Them Make Canine Friends

While dogs can live perfectly happily with just their humans, they usually enjoy meeting other dogs as part of walking groups or at a dog park. Unfortunately, even a dog who isn't aggressive or anxious may not be able to form good bonds and play well with others if they haven't been properly socialized. After all, socialization isn't just about getting your dog used to new things — it's also a huge part of how they hone their communication skills.

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2 September 2022

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