Why Have Pet Desexing Done Before Selling Your Puppies


If you have a dog that has just had puppies, you might be thinking about selling them. If this is the case, then there might be a few things you will need to do before you put them up for sale. Naturally, you'll want to give them deworming medication and make sure they have had all of their shots. Additionally, you may want to have them desexed before you send them off to their new homes. If you think this is a step that you can skip, consider these reasons to have pet desexing done before selling your puppies.

Desexing Costs Might Not Be Too High

One concern that you might have could be about the cost of having all of the puppies desexed. After all, you might have already spent money on stud fees to breed your dog in the first place, or you might have spent quite a bit on puppy food, vaccinations for the puppies, and other expenses related to the litter. Many veterinarians offer affordable desexing services, though, and they might even provide you with a discount if you bring the entire litter at one time. Plus, you might be able to add a little bit to the cost of the puppies that you're selling to help make up for this additional cost since some people will be willing to spend more money on a puppy that has already been desexed.

You Can Help Ensure They Find a Good Home

Some people prefer to purchase puppies that have already been desexed, so you may be able to find more available homes for the puppies you're selling. Additionally, you can help ensure that your puppies are not being sold to backyard breeders who might breed them and not take proper care of them if you have them desexed first. After all, someone who is interested in buying dogs for breeding purposes won't be interested in your puppies if desexing has already been done.

You Can Be a Responsible Breeder

You might enjoy breeding dogs and producing puppies because you are an advocate for your favourite breed. Alternatively, you might be hoping to have your own dog desexed soon, and you might not be planning on breeding any more dogs. Either way, you probably want to be a responsible breeder. By having puppies desexed before sending them off to their new homes, you can help ensure that those puppies are not later responsible for unwanted puppies that might not be properly cared for. This can help you feel like a more responsible breeder.  


7 March 2022

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