What You Need to Know About Puppy Vaccination Services


You may already know that when you and your loved one bring a child into the world, he or she needs to be vaccinated to prevent him or her from catching various diseases. The same applies to your puppies; you should find a veterinarian near you who provides puppy vaccination services and find out exactly what you need to do. Here's some information to help you know where to start and what to expect:

25 June 2020

What You Need to Know About Dog Grooming


Dog grooming involves activities like bathing and drying your dog, brushing and trimming his or her hair and clipping his or her long nails. Of course, these are tasks you can handle on your own, but there are times when it is important to let a professional dog groomer groom your dog. When are these times? If You Need Quality Dog Grooming Sometimes, you might feel like you are not doing a thorough or good job grooming your dog.

27 May 2020

Three Reasons Why Your Non-Pregnant Pet Might Need An Ultrasound


Medical technology is advancing at a very rapid rate, and much of those devices eventually filter down (in a slightly altered form) to veterinarians. Pet ultrasounds have been of great help to vets of all animals but particularly cats and dogs which make up the bulk of their appointments. When you first see that your pet has been scheduled in for an ultrasound, it can be a bit confusing,  especially if you know they aren't pregnant.

22 May 2020

Three Reccomendations For Keeping Your Cat and House Clean.


Cats can bring joy into their owners' lives, but they also can bring a lot of mess. Cats are notorious for shedding their fur, coughing up hairballs, and generally getting their furry mess littered throughout the house. While it is inevitable that owners will have to engage in frequent cleaning and vacuuming, there are a number of activities and options owners can engage in to reduce the workload or to attempt to eliminate the fur problem outright.

17 March 2020

Tips on Getting More Loyal Clients in Your Vet Practice


New veterinary practices are opening every time. The rise in competition for clients is why you should provide the best services. Most vet businesses lose up to some of their clients every year. Also, some clients will not return after their first visit. Retaining clients and making them loyal to your vet clinic is not easy. However, there are ways you can increase the number of loyal clients in your practice.

12 March 2020

Two Questions Your Vet Might Ask You If You Tell Them You Want to Take in a Stray Dog


If you have found a stray dog who does not appear to have an owner, and you're thinking about keeping it, these are the questions your vet might ask you when you discuss this matter with them. Do you already own another pet? You can expect the vet to ask if there are other pets residing in your home. There are many important reasons why the vet might ask you this.

4 March 2020

Understanding Your Guinea Pig's Nutritional Needs


When you decide to get a pet guinea pig, you will likely be excited about carrying out all the personal care tasks required to keep them healthy and happy, including feeding them a nutritious diet. However, you should take some time before bringing your guinea pig home to research their nutritional needs and ensure you're providing them with all the nutrients they need and not feeding them anything that's toxic to them.

27 February 2020