Miguel Obrien

How to Tell If Your Scottish Fold Cat Needs to See the Vet


It can be tough to know when your Scottish Fold cat is sick or injured. These cute and cuddly cats are known for being playful and affectionate, but they can also be quite stubborn and hide their health problems. However, it's important to know the signs that your Scottish Fold needs to see the vet so you can get him or her the care they need. This blog post is going to look at some common signs that your Scottish Fold cat needs to go to the vet.

5 December 2023

Got Dogs? How To Control Their Acne Flare-Ups


If you have a dog, you need to pay close attention to their skin. You might not know it, but your dog can get acne too. Acne can pose a serious problem for your dog. In fact, the skin condition can cause pain and discomfort for your dog. There are several issues that can increase your dog's chances of developing acne. Some of those issues include age, hygiene and breed. Some breeds are more likely to develop acne.

13 September 2023

Paw-some Pet Care: Tips From The Vet Clinic


As a pet owner, you no doubt want to provide the best possible care for your furry friend. Whether it's a dog or a cat, you can do some key things to keep them healthy and happy. This blog post will share some tips and tricks to help you care for your pet. Regular Check-Ups One key thing you can do for your pet is to take them for regular check-ups with a veterinarian.

3 May 2023

Grooming Your Small Dog: Tips and Tricks


Keeping your small dog's fur healthy and free of tangles is a must if you want them to look its best. Grooming your pup can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. With the right tools and tips, you can easily keep your pup looking neat and tidy. Read on to discover some grooming tips for small dogs. Choose the Right Brush  Choosing the right brush for your small dog's coat will make all the difference when it comes to grooming.

20 January 2023

4 Reasons Socialization Is Important For Puppies


When you're ready to give a puppy its forever home, one of the most important things you can do is ensure they are properly socialized, usually through a local puppy pre-school. Socialization involves introducing your dog to new people, environments and animals, and it's one of the key experiences that help a young pup turn into a confident, friendly and healthy dog. Here are just four reasons you should ensure your puppy is properly socialized.

2 September 2022

Tips for Taking Your Dog to a Veterinary Surgeon


If your dog needs some type of surgery, then you will need to find the right animal healthcare professional to help with this surgery. Even though you might have owned pets for a long time, you might have never had to have surgery done on any of your pets in the past. Because of this, you might be unfamiliar with veterinary surgery. Since you are probably worried about the health and safety of your dog and you want to ensure that the surgery is done properly, then you'll probably want to follow this advice about taking your dog to a veterinary surgeon.

7 March 2022

Why Have Pet Desexing Done Before Selling Your Puppies


If you have a dog that has just had puppies, you might be thinking about selling them. If this is the case, then there might be a few things you will need to do before you put them up for sale. Naturally, you'll want to give them deworming medication and make sure they have had all of their shots. Additionally, you may want to have them desexed before you send them off to their new homes.

7 March 2022

What to Do When You're Struggling with Puppy Training


Having a puppy can be a fun and rewarding experience, but puppies also need a lot of training. When training isn't going right, it can be extremely frustrating, as well as making you feel demotivated. This guide explains three things you should try when you're struggling with puppy training. Take a Look At Your Training Methods If you feel like you aren't getting anywhere with your puppy training, it's time to take a look at your methods.

18 November 2021

What to Do if Your Cat Is Constipated


Constipation can be as hard on a cat as it can be on a human. As one of the most common cat digestive issues, constipation will likely pop up in your furry friend's life at least once. As such, being informed on what to do if your kitty gets constipated is crucial. Alongside pain and discomfort, constipation can cause worrying symptoms like loss of appetite, vomiting, and weight loss, all of which need to be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid complications.

29 July 2021

Worried About Your Cat's Health? Signs They May Be Suffering From Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease


If your cat has been struggling with the litter box lately, and they don't seem to be feeling their best, they may be suffering from a condition known as feline lower urinary tract disease, or FLUTD. FLUTD tends to affect middle-aged cats or those who don't get outside as often as they should. However, it can also affect cats who are undergoing stressful situations or who reside in a multi-cat household.

12 May 2021